i found a job that i might actually like, and i can’t wait for it to be a decent time so i can call them.

brian bought his ps4 today, and began downloading destiny at 7 or so, and it’s still only at 71%, but I know I’ll be awake when it’s finished. So the question is…

Do I play when it’s finished? :o

Sleep In


Sleep In - Told Slant

I call it linoleum floors 
a rotting wood porch and kids 
singing to 80s pop songs 
I sleep in my clothes and dream 
pretty terrible things 
I wish I could dream of you 

My dad

at 6:28am

feels like he should start off my day by letting me know how im wasting my time doing nothing/ all I do is sleep/ im disrespectful and rude/ and, to top it off, I have two weeks (apparently) to find a new place to live

Im screwed and I hate myself

whenever bae falls asleep first

I fall into an all-night depression that keeps me awake until the sun rises

Im thoroughly exhausted from being sad and stressed all the time

My depression makes me question all my recent choices

I need a job so I can self-stabilize and give myself something to be happy about